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Booking - Birthday Scheduler (Belmont)

Secure your time slot for a ROCKING Birthday Party!

Location: Adrenaline Vault Belmont (72 Robinson Ave, Belmont 6104)
Note: Belmont is a bouldering and top rope gym.

  1. Click the "1" button below
  2. Select your preferred date and time
  3. Complete your details (ensure an adult completes this form)
  4. Pay the non-refundable $150 deposit

The non-refundable $150 deposit (plus payment processing fee) is required to secure your time slot at Adrenaline Vault Belmont. If you cancel your booking, you will forfeit your deposit. If you change the date and/or time of your booking, you will forfeit your deposit.

Payment is required for a minimum of 6 climbers/participants. You are welcome to book with less than 6 climbers; however, if less than 6 attend, you will be charged for 6 climbers, with the deposit covering this minimum payment requirement.
If more than 6 climbers attend, you will be charged for the total number of climbers, net of the deposit paid.

We will be in touch to confirm your booking once the event details have been reviewed.

Note: you will be given 15 minutes to complete the booking. If you click through and decide not to complete the booking, you may find that the time slot is no longer available. If that is the case, please wait 15 minutes before reloading the website and trying again.

More information is available on our website:

If your desired time slot is outside the days/times displayed, please complete this enquiry form:

For any questions or issues, please contact us at:

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