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Rock Over Climbing

All adults may supervise up to 2 climbers under the age of 18.

Supervising adults must fill out the 18+ Unsupervised Climber Waiver (whether they are climbing or only supervising) and watch the safety video included.
Each climber under 18 will need an Under 18 Supervised Climber Waiver signed by a parent or guardian (or someone with parental permission).

Supervisor Forms are also required for supervision. These are only valid for 1 day so make sure you have an up to date form active.

Please contact us if you have booked onto an instructed session and need to sign a session waiver.

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14 - 17 Unsupervised Waiver Part 1 (Parents/Guardians) 18+ Unsupervised Climber Supervisor Form Under 18 Supervised Climber