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Redpoint Wranglers

Climbers will challenge themselves by pushing their limits in a 5 week long redpoint competition. This will be an individual competition where scores will be calculated on a relative scoring format. In the relative scoring format a competitors score is directly related to their handicap (registered max grade). If a climber has a 5.10b handicap they will receive 100 points for sending a 5.10b. For 5.10c they will receive 110 points. For 5.10a they will receive 80 points. Each letter grade deviation is +10/-20 points. Total scores will be calculated based off of 5 one week long interval. So throughout each 7 day interval and your top 3 sends in that period will count toward your final score. *Only routes that are less than 4 weeks (28days) old will count toward your score. On Dec. 18th all the scores will be finalized and the winners will be announced shortly after. Each attempt must be marked as they will assist as tie breakers where 1 point will be deducted for each attempt. After the 8th attempt there will be no further deductions for more attempts to send. Repeating a climb in the same interval will not count toward your score. You will receive a 10 point bonus for every route you send on lead. The organizers may bump competitors up if they feel the correct difficulty was not selected based off of performance.

1st=Rope 2nd=Set of Quickdraws, chalk bag 3rd= Rope Bag, Chalk

Challenge Start

Challenge End

Number of Participants

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