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The Road to Hueco

Calling all Sessions Climbers!

Do you want to take your psych for climbing outdoors, but don't feel ready for real rock? Have you been to Hueco a couple times and realized that climbing outside is a bit different than the gym?

Sign up for our 6 week Road to Hueco program, designed to give you all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed on the rock! Not only will we be covering bouldering basics, but as the season changes and climbing temps call for rope climbing, we'll also be covering top rope basics!

We'll meet twice a week at the gym to break down the essentials and practice key techniques you'll need to crush beginner level outdoor climbs. Then, after our last lesson we'll take what we learned out to Hueco Tanks on a group tour!


How much?

Sign up at the front desk or through Capitan.

Number of Participants

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