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Yoga: Stretch and Strengthen; Yoga for Climbing w/Kayleen Sanchez

This one hour class will enhance your mobility and strength for rock climbing while simultaneously aiding in the recovery of your joints. The beginning of the class will be aimed towards wrist mobility and recovery after settling into the body. We will then focus on building key climbing movements such as hip flexion, hip abduction, knee flexion, and ankle dorsiflexion; all of which are directly correlated with climbing ability. The peak of the class will be Budokon inspired animal movements that will strengthen and lengthen our bilateral motions while working towards creating a stable core. Not only do these Budokon inspired movements have physical benefits, but they train the mind equally as well. The end of the class will be a cool down that works directly to teach the students to slow their breathing and create a calm centered mind amidst physical output. By the end of class, we will have massaged our joints for recovery, strengthened necessary movement patterns for climbing, exercised our mind, and gained experience in working with our breath. The movement strategy from this class is based on Kayleen's experience in her own practice and her research of movement patterns within several full body sports such as jiu jitsu.

This class requires a day pass or is free to members.

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