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Bringing your Children

Last edited Feb. 19, 2024

*To climb unsupervised with children at the Castle, the supervising adult needs to be a registered unsupervised climber (Experienceced rope climber or Bouldering Only member who completed our bouldering only Supervision course)

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1. Experienced Roped Climbers
Up to two children (U18s) can climb under the adult's supervision.

To be considered an experienced roped climber, you must be an adult registered with us, and able to:

You can register online here before you visit the centre. You can also register your novices online here to save time once you arrive at The Castle.

An experienced adult climber can supervise up to 2 novices. There is no minimum age for the novices you can supervise.

2. Bouldering Only & Non-Experienced Climbers
If you are not an experienced climber or if you're a bouldering only member and you want to supervise your children on our bouldering walls, you can sign up for our Bouldering Only Supervision course.
This course will enable you to boulder with up to 2 supervised kids at the Castle (age dependent).
Under 9s: maximum 1 kid aged 5-8 per supervising adult. No additional children of any age can be supervised by this adult. In order to bring a second child you must have a second supervising adult to be responsible for the second child.
Over 9s: maximum 2 kids, BOTH aged 9-15 years, per supervising adult. If one kid is under 9 the maximum 1 kid per supervising adult applies.
This is for your safety, your child’s safety and the safety of climbers around you.

You’ll need to complete this course before you can boulder with kids at the Castle, even if you’ve been bouldering at other walls. This is because the Castle is a unique and challenging building, and although it’s very exciting for kids to be here, it is not the same as the standard bouldering wall set up. To ensure everyone inside it is safe, we require all bouldering only adults to complete the course with their kids before heading off to enjoy the Castle independently.

For information and booking onto the Bouldering Only Supervision Course for children aged 8 and under follow this link here.
For information and booking onto the Bouldering Only Supervision Course for children aged between 9 and 15 follow this link here.

If this is not quite for you we have a several courses where you can bring your children to climb:

Visit our website to find out more about course at